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christianreader's Journal

Christians who like to read - book reviews, etc.
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This is a community for Christians to discuss books. Funnily enough, I wouldn't consider myself a bookworm, but I do enjoy reading and I have lots of friends who enjoy it even more. I like talking about the books I read and getting recommendations from others.

You may discuss both Christian and nonChristian (fiction and non) books and authors here, but please be sensible about whether a book (or its details) is appropriate to discuss. I reserve the right to delete entries and comments.

Feel ever so free to discuss movies that are based on books.

You can even talk about your own writing of books/stories. I don't mind. It's sort of related, right?

If you post a monthly/otherly book list in your journal, you might consider crossposting it to this community.

+ Please refrain from bad language and disrespectful comments to others.
+ Please warn us if there are spoilers in your review and put it behind a cut.
+ Please be careful not to give plot summaries that are so revealing that they are spoilerish, unless you warn us first. I personally like to be surprised even by the stuff that happens in the earlier parts of the book.

It's okay to give negative reviews, but try to be sensitive to others who might've really enjoyed the story, as well as the authors. Even though the authors aren't going to read these, we should practice general consideration for others. I have to admit that I'm guilty of being overly critical, so this'll be a struggle for me. :P

If you request to join, I will check your journal to get an idea of your character/behavior before I accept. Yes, nonChristians may request to join. If you have no LJ entries available for me to preview, and I don't know you through anyone else, I probably won't give approval. Please contact me and tell me more about yourself if your LJ is friends only.

I also reserve the right to change the purpose or goal of this community at any given second.

Have a great day!